Our mission

We are passionate about delivering lasting change that helps our public sector clients improve outcomes for vulnerable people.

Founded in 2008, we help our clients improve their ability to support vulnerable groups. At the heart of our approach is the belief that if we can give professionals a fully joined-up and insightful view of their clients, they will be able to deliver more impactful change.

In this context, we are a leading provider of data sharing and advanced analytics to the public sector, with over 80 active deployments.

Capabilities are delivered through our cloud based platform (PSN / ISO27001 accredited) that simplifies the introduction of data sharing and advanced analytics capabilities (as well as delivering impactful business change the platform also supports client BI and Data Science teams to accelerate adoption of advanced analytics).

Our solution is the result of many years of focused research and development, grounded in work we undertook for DCLG in 2007/2008 and evolved with a number of local government clients.

We bring a unique combination of public sector expertise (spanning 20 years and covering engagements with central, local government and health bodies) and a proven track record of technology innovation in the public sector.

Our values

The six core values that drive the way we conduct our business

Strive to be regarded by our clients as a partner and not a contractor
Build solid business relationships with our clients, predicated on understanding their needs and consistently demonstrating our determination to deliver successful outcomes.

Focus on client needs and the generation of business benefits
Predicate our business on helping our clients improve the way they deliver services, to release efficiencies, and to improve citizen's experiences of the services they receive, to increase effectiveness.

Be proud of our business practices and ethics
Adopt the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our business practices and ensure that we only make commitments we can keep, and that we keep the commitments we make

Recruit the best people
Attract motivated and talented individuals that demonstrate a passion to make a difference in the Public Sector.

Respect individuality
Value diversity, in all its forms, as a mechanism to drive innovation and in the creation of a motivating working environment.

Contribute to our community
Ensure that we enable the communities in which we work, and to which we belong, share in the value we create as a business