The public sector is currently facing a ‘perfect storm’ of demographic changes, increasing levels of poverty and shrinking public finances. Future demand will not only outstrip current supply, but is likely to overwhelm public agencies with a set of needs that do not correspond to the service models of today, and that challenge the very basis of public services.

What is clear is that this gap between supply and demand will not be bridged through further efficiency gains, consequently agencies are now faced with some stark choices; whether to raise eligibility thresholds, or even to retrench or remove services.

Successfully navigating through this ‘perfect storm’ will depend on whether agencies can:

target the limited funding it has at the interventions that have the highest impact

These objectives are not new, but they are heavily dependent on the ability of organisations to become evidence and data led.

What we Offer

Our focus is on helping our clients use data science to;

  • Identify people at risk earlier
  • Support the proactive step-down of services where needs and risks have reduced
  • Build evidence and correlations between service interventions and outcomes
  • Support strategic commissioning decisions

Our sole focus is; how do we help our clients share data more freely and exploit this data to drive better outcomes for citizens at a lower cost.

Over the past 8 years we have worked with data from almost all local agencies; including most agencies within Councils, Housing, Health and a range of Third Sector agencies.

We are now working with over 70 different localities to support business transformation through the use of data. Our work spans a range of business domains and programmes, including; Children’s safeguarding, Troubled Families, Frail Elderly risk stratification and Fraud and Error detection.

Our structured analysis and modelling approach is based on the CRISP model:

Where we can help:

  • Develop strategies to help your organisation become more data centric
  • Deliver targeted analytics and predictive models to prevent higher cost interventions
  • Automate generation of risk profiles and insights from multi-agency data
  • Help your organisation enhance its own analytical capacity

Our Expertise

Our team has experience in the application of statistics to business problems that spans almost 40 years. This experience has been gained in the application of advanced analytics to the retail, financial, telco and public sectors.

This expertise is supported by consulting and technology competencies and experience that spans almost 30 years across financial, telco and public sectors.